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Olli Hull

The brand

Olli Hull is an artist and designer based in UK, who creates one of a kind pieces of wearable art. His garments are upcycled from vintage clothing and each piece is hand painted by Olli himself. The collections are bold and honest, inspired by his own experiences with gender and identity. His designs aim to bring art out of the galleries and onto clothing so that we can become walking emblems of our beliefs.

The capsule

For the collaboration with H&Mbeyond. and Revibe, Olli Hull created a capsule collection of two-piece shirt and skirt sets, made reworking H&M mens shirts stock of returns. Each piece was hand painted by himself, inspired by the idea that we are all like flowers, beautiful and unique in our own way, and that we all have the opportunity to bloom into whoever we want to be.

Olli Hull

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