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France's Fashion Repair Program: how it works and why it could transform the fashion ecosystem


August 7, 2023

In a resounding commitment to combating the environmental toll of fashion waste, the French government has unveiled a groundbreaking repair program that aims to revolutionize the fashion industry. This bold initiative seeks to address the mounting challenges posed by disposable fashion, laying the foundation for a more sustainable future.

Von Dutch x Revibe Upcycling - Earl Pickens

Von Dutch Paris creates an upcycling capsule collection with Revibe


July 12, 2023

Revibe presents a new upcycling collaboration with Von Dutch, the American iconic brand from 2000s. The collection was presented during Men's Fashion Week 2023 in Paris.


Upcycling and the LVMH Prize


June 29, 2023

In Early June, circular fashion took another important step forward with one major fashion event: the final of the tenth edition of the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Created in 2013, the LVMH Prize originates from LVMH’s desire to foster creativity and encourage young creators to become the next fashion designers. Every year, emergent designers from around the world are selected for their exceptional talent and creativity.


Changing Perspectives: Upcycling in Eastern Asia


May 17, 2023

When we talk about upcycling and sustainable fashion in general, we really are talking about our most known geographic area, also known as the Global North: the most detailed sources of information often refer to Western Europe, North America, and sometimes Central Europe. In the sustainable fashion narrative, one other geographic zone comes up frequently, although not for the same reasons: Asia.


H&Mbeyond. Teams Up With Revibe For A 100% Upcycled Capsule Collection


April 5, 2023

REVIBE is proud to announce its latest collaboration with H&Mbeyond., H&M’s Innovation Hub, to launch an exclusive upcycling collection. This innovative partnership brings together two key players in the fashion industry to tackle the potential of sustainable re-design and upcycling.


Feminism and sustainable development: why one doesn't work without the other


March 8, 2023

In the context of an increased climate urgency, the issue of a truly feminist fashion is absolutely central. To better understand the link between feminism, fashion and sustainable development, we must unfortunately remember that the exploitation of women is not new.

Vivienne Westwood Upcycling Designer

The multiple realities of upcycling in Couture


January 17, 2023

Today, the expressions of upcycling are multiple. In a world where fashion has never gone so fast, a contextualization is essential to better understand the new dynamics of creation.


Community Focus: A Chat with Giglio Tigrato


November 14, 2022

On the occasion of promising Italian brand Giglio Tigrato’s brand new collection for FW/22, we wanted to learn more about the origins of the brand, its positioning, as well as its projects and aspirations. Carlotta, the founder of Giglio Tigrato, takes us on her creative journey.

Podcast Upcycling Hero

Upcycling and sustainable fashion on podcasts: listen carefully!


October 25, 2022

The world of podcasts has been exploding in recent years, making a breakthrough within the fashion industry. And sustainable fashion is no different! We recommend a few podcasts you should definitely follow.

Impulsive Buying by Mohammed Hassan

Enslaved to Fashion: impulse buying


October 10, 2022

Getting dressed is a daily thing that everybody does. However, it sometimes poses a series of problems. One major act favors the incessant return of those problems: impulse buying. Let's analyze it.


Revibe Upcycling Festival at La Caserne, Paris September 24 - 25, 2022


September 23, 2022

Revibe and La Caserne join forces once again for the Upcycling Festival, which will take place on September 24 and 25 in the 1000 square meters of the square meters of the eco-responsible fashion incubator located in the heart of the 10th arrondissement.


How much the sustainability of a garment worth?


July 26, 2022

The final price of a garment comes from the aggregation of several inputs, such as raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, human labor, delivery etc. A pathway that costs more on average for a sustainable product than a non-sustainable one. But are we ready to pay more?

Revibe Fashion colors summer 2022

Fashion gets colored: the 4 hottest tones of the summer season 2022


May 31, 2022

With a rainbow of shades that rejects hesitation, spring/summer 2022 seems to be tinged with optimism. No more pastels and light shades, spring/summer 2022 fashion is back to being colorful and strong.

EPR and Fashion Waste_Craig Mcdean

EPR - Extended Producer Responsibility: what is it and why is so important in fashion


May 18, 2022

EPR is an environmental policy under which the producer of a good is also responsible for its post-consumer phase, meaning its handling once it becomes waste. Let's find out its impact on the fashion industry.

Reshoring in Fashion

Reshoring and Nearshoring: emerging strategies in fashion and the role of upcycling


May 2, 2022

Every mass-appealing iconic item in the last 30 years of fashion was most likely manufactured in China, a choice based mainly on labor cost and marginality. Today, the supply-chain seems to reverse itself: we quickly analyze the new trends of reshoring and nearshoring in fashion and their impact.

fashion technology.jpg

Will a tech quick-fix transform the fashion industry?


April 22, 2022

When faced with new problems, new technologies can seem like the only option. But what of fashion’s sustainability problem? Let’s dive into obvious and not so obvious techs the fashion sector is exploring, and some challenges the high-tech fashion world of tomorrow might be facing in its reliance on new technologies.


5 Upcycling Bag designs you are going to fall in love with


April 21, 2022

With the arrival of the spring season, it's time to renew your wardrobe and REVIBE comes to your aid by recommending the 5 must-have upcycled bags. Check them out!

Andrea Bonfini Fade Out Label

Fade Out Label - Deconstructed vintage denim at its best


April 7, 2022

We enter the world of deconstructed vintage denim, chatting with one of the top notch brands in the industry - Fade Out Label. Andrea Bonfini is the designer behind the label, and he sat down with Revibe's editorial staff to share a little more about his journey and his vision for the fashion industry.


The evolution and history of Upcycling: from the 40s to nowadays


April 4, 2022

In the 40's upcycling was used for economic needs, in the 80's and 90's it became a way to express one's identity, nowadays it is a real trend. We analyze its evolution!


Upcycling, one of the hottest trend in fashion right now


March 24, 2022

Creative recycling of second-hand clothes and accessories has never been so trendy! In the fashion industry is depopulating a new trend: the upcycling. Let's analyze it together!


The fabrics of the future? What textile innovation can teach us in times of change


March 19, 2022

Increasing pressure on brands to find alternative, sustainable materials is driving textile innovation forward - how are creators tackling one of the world’s most pressing issues?

Metaverse - Solution or not_.jpg

Fashion Metaverse, a “real” solution or another mirage?


March 9, 2022

Fashion in the Metaverse promesses to free the consumers and brands from the limitations of traditional fashion. However, a massive consumption of digital fashion could skyrocket energy consumption to unprecedented levels, leading to the same issues linked with fast-fashion.

@La Fameuse.jpg

When two become one: how reconstructed clothing is reinventing fashion


February 26, 2022

Taking unwanted garments and turning them into new pieces is a feat of design and a gateway into rethinking branding, trends and individuality. Zoom on La Fameuse and Fitolojio’s approach to reconstructed fashion.

Welcome Image 3.jpg

Welcome to Stain. The Revibe Blog


February 22, 2022

Welcome to STAIN, the blog of Revibe! Here you will discover the world of sustainable fashion, upcycling, design, music and explore the inner workings of the technologies, supply chains and actors involved.

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