H&Mbeyond. x Revibe

Released on: April 5, 2023

H&Mbeyond and Revibe collaborated on an upcycling capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2023 to celebrate talented emerging designers around Europe. The custom-sized H&M shirts, rescued from their returns' stock in Berlin were carefully deconstructed and crafted into a 17-piece range of authentic upcycled garments. Inspired by street culture, the collection was created by three of the most promising brands of the upcycling scene: ÂGE Paris, Olli Hull and Shackled.

About Revibe

Revibe is the largest online community of designers and creators dedicated to upcycled fashion. It is a digital solution promoting circular business models and helping brands to transform, through upcycling processes, pre-owned clothing, production leftovers and deadstock in new products.

About H&Mbeyond.

H&Mbeyond is the innovation lab of H&M Region Central Europe, which is responsible for the development and piloting of innovative products and services that are relevant to the global organisation. Based in Berlin, H&Mbeyond explores innovative solutions and technologies that make the shopping experience more attractive and exciting.