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Fitolojio Workshop

The Reversible Red / Beige "AMARYLLIS" Vest - One size



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Fitolojio Workshop


Φitolojio Workshop (Φitolojio - /fiː toːˈloː gɪo/) is an Amsterdam based web boutique with handcrafted and one-off pieces. It was founded in 2020 by Katerina Michaloutsou (an ex-Statistician). The designer upcycles preloved garments and textiles such as sleeping bags or quilts found at vintage markets, off-the-grid second-hand stores and private online sellers transforming the ordinary into fabulous designs. The ideal can best be described as “Nobody Is The Same, So Why Should Our Clothes Be? No two pieces are ever the same and this is an important part of the deconstruction process. Fitolojio Workshop loves diversity in people and that’s why any project is carefully curated to encompass diverse tastes in style. ""The idea of choosing the name “Φitolojio” came up from my childhood memories of making a “herbarium” - “fitolojio is the Greek word with Latin characters” and collect my favorite unique leaves & flowers that were available in my garden. Fitolojio resembles the creation of one-of-a-kind garments with what is available around me."

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