Atotus - Be a Tipper

Atotus is the first Italian sustainable fashion circuit. We take care of creating virtuous circles recycling upcycling and reusing. We have opened a physical and an online store, a technological platform and created a virtual currency, our TIP. We have involved 14 textile companies with our same values, a fashion school and non-profit associations with which we create circularity. In collaboration with the "Centro Moda Canossa" Professional Institute of Trento, we have created the first Atotus branded upcycling capsule collection. The collection comes from the garments in good condition and quality that we recover, all made of natural and recyclable fibers. We have also opened the doors to young designers who, in co-branding, create new models by experimenting with upcycling techniques, thanks to the garments we collect. We strongly believe in what we do and in the importance of our actions. Sustainability is a process of change that takes place over time, step by step. Today is the time to start walking, taking into consideration not only the environmental but also the social and economic aspects of our daily actions. #BEATIPPER is a mission that we can carry out together, if you wish, to overturn a fashion system that does not respect the environment and people.