.0 was founded by a 24-year-old florentine, David Braccini. David was born in the shoemakers’ world thanks to the family factory which had been continuing to sustain itself for two generations. Hence the dream to create something incredible, accessible to the middle classes, offering quality and design for a competitive price, respecting the environment and the people. .0 searches for natural simplicity, finding its complexity in the little details’ structure. It wants to give a voice to the young ideas merged with the Tuscan artisans’ experience. .0 aims to the deconstruction of the concept of linear consumption “buy-use-trash”. .0, the completely recyclable sneaker, was born from the introduction of a new virtuous model of usage and recycling, integral in our footwear. Although it’s a kind of footwear that reminds the shapes of a runner, its silhouette suggests more elegant match-ups, maybe also with a blazer and trousers from a suit to defuse formality. It’s completely recyclable, made with bio-based materials derived from the waste of wood processing, without implying water use and cruelty-free. .0 sneakers have a dream: to promote a necessary change in the concept of footwear consumption.