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Revibe x Von Dutch

Upcycling Collection Collaboration

Revibe presents a new upcycling collaboration with Von Dutch, the American iconic brand from 2000s. The collection was presented during Men's Fashion Week 2023 in Paris.

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Positive Capsule Collection

For the launch of the new Von Dutch premium product line during Men's Fashion Week 2023, the REVIBE and Von Dutch created a fully upcycling collection with one common objective: create value from unsold inventory without producing new waste. This collaboration joins an impressive portfolio of collaboration for REVIBE, while it marks a first ever for the America player, who is starting top explore the activist side of their brand personality.

Inspired by Vivienne Westwood fashion activism, the Revibe x Von Dutch collection takes its roots in the brand’s cultural heritage, with a focus on having a positive impact for people and the planet. It is composed of 81 T-shirts, all imagined and crafted from the Von Dutch Archive deadstock.

As the collection aims to send an optimistic message for the future, each T-shirt has been patched and printed with uplifting slogans that promote empathy, kindness and mindfulness - a nice reminder in these times of climate crisis.

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Happening in the midst of what could be called a true Y2K comeback, the idea for Von Dutch is to get on with a fashion that comes from the streets while bringing a touch of couture to it.

The brand’s resolutely modern and irreverent creative attitude resonated with Revibe’s thirst for change and the two brands created what can hopefully become a long-lasting bond. With this collaboration, Revibe and Von Dutch position themselves as real changemakers, and lay the first stone of what the future of fashion could look like.

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“The idea of getting Von Dutch involved in the start of a no-waste-program has been a dream for years. Finally, thanks to REVIBE we've been able to put it into action and begin a circular effort that will last for many years to come.”

Earl Pickens
Earl Pickens
Creative Director of Von Dutch Paris
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Are you a fashion brand interested in developing your upcycling capsule?