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Revibe x Lynk & Co

Upcycling Collection Workshop Collaboration

For the inauguration of the new Lynk & Co Club in Milan, the sustainable mobility brand invited Revibe to create an upcycling capsule collection with their unsold gear stock.

The Upcycling Capsule Collection

Recently, Lynk & Co was faced with remaining unsold textile gear, composed mainly of shirts and hoodies. In their quest for circularity, Lynk & Co contacted Revibe to transform these stocks into an Upcycling Capsule Collection. For this mission, Revibe collaborated with two emerging designers from the Milanese upcycling scene: Modero Studio and Florania.

Hoodies by Florania

Flora Rabbiti, founder and creative director of Florania, reinterpreted the automotive brand's hoodies by giving them a so called "Solar Punk" new aesthetic. The hoodies were reworked with 4 different but complementary techniques: from cut-out and hand embroidery to the usage of Murano glasses.

Florania 1
Florania 2
Florania 3
Florania 4

Shirts by Modero Studio

Founded by Federica Rao, Modero Studio focuses on highly artisanal garment reworking techniques, such as hand-painting and textile bleaching. The combination of different colors and textures is the main aspect of their Lynk&co Collection, in which the brand wanted to restore tone and energy into elegant shirts.

Modero 1
Modero 2
Modero 3
Modero 4
Modero 5

The Future of Mobility

Lynk&Co is a young car brand whose mission is articulated around one principle: to “change mobility forever”. Since the beginning, Lynk&Co has been a sustainability-driven company aiming to answer to the challenges of young, urban and connected populations. In doing so, it is very focused on promoting sustainable realities as well as emerging brands, just like Revibe.

“Revibe has turned our gear into a real prêt-à-porter collection, helping us connect even more with the world of sustainable fashion. The proximity between Lynk & Co and the path of Revibe is obvious, and such a collection proves it. A common focus on innovation, study of materials and their carbon footprint”.

Nuria Alvarez
Marketing Manager Spain & Italy at Lynk & Co

Live Workshops and Collection Release

The capsule collection was showcased during the opening of the new Milan Lynk & Co Club from November 23rd to 26th, in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Italy's fashion capital.

For three days, Revibe invited influencers, Lynk & Co members and by-passers to take part in live upcycling workshops, with the goal of educating the audience about the fashion waste agenda while replicating the pieces created for the capsule collection.

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4
Workshop 5
Workshop 6

Are you a fashion brand interested in developing your upcycling capsule?