September 23, 2022

Revibe Upcycling Festival at La Caserne, Paris September 24 - 25, 2022

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Revibe and La Caserne join forces once again for the Upcycling Festival, which will take place on September 24 and 25 in the 1000 square meters of the eco-responsible fashion incubator located in the heart of the 10th arrondissement.

Upcycling, a technique that is far from new, yet once again a trend.

Revibe has made it its spearhead: since 2021, we have been offering an inclusive vision of circularity, by facilitating access to the creations of emerging upcycling designers.

Our community only works with recycled parts or old stocks, in order to create truly unique pieces, with a low carbon impact.

The return of this recycling technique can be explained by the ever more alarming figures: every year, 21 billion tons of textile waste invade landfills.

This makes upcycling a real asset in an industry that is in the midst of an eco responsible.

On September 24 and 25, the Upcycling Festival will bring together in Paris 25 emerging brands from 7 different nationalities

On September 24 and 25, the Upcycling Festival will be placed under the sign of reworked vintage, and will bring together 25 emerging brands from 7 different nationalities with the new generations of fashion. It's an opportunity to discover the new collections at the approach of the Fashion Week, as well as a multitude of styles more unique than ever.

As venue there's nothing better than La Caserne, an incredible space, accelerator of the ecological transition, where creative and tattooing workshops, live music, and much more will be held.

In partnership with: The Good Goods, Redonner, Uptrade and La Caserne.

Revibe Upcycling Festival | September 24 & 25, 2022 - 12 rue Philippe de Girard, 75010 Paris

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