October 25, 2022

Upcycling and sustainable fashion on podcasts: listen carefully!

The world of podcasts has been expanding in recent years, and making inroads within the fashion industry, becoming a business capable of strengthening ties with its user base. Through audio products, brands now have the opportunity to convey new content that goes beyond the simple information shared on websites and social pages. They tell their stories, spread insights and ideas, with the aim of connecting with their audience in a personal and intimate way.


According to a report by the IAB and PwC, there will be about 500 million podcast listeners across Europe by 2024.

According to a report by the Interactive advertising bureau (IAB) and Pricewaterhousecooper (PwC), podcasts will reach a value of nearly 4 billion euros and [500 million listeners]( ) across Europe by 2024, representing one of the most popular tools ever while increasing subscription streaming on Spotify by 35.6 percent. This is mathematical evidence that demonstrates the rapid development of the medium and confirms its success in the fashion environment as well. Indeed, established fashion houses and emerging brands have altogether realized how the use of audio is able to influence the perception of a product and orient buyers' behavior.

There are houses such as Balmain and Dior that, through the podcast format, have wanted to tell their story and their corporate heritage, while others have wanted to give space to the female figure such as Giorgio Armani's The Crossroads Podcast, which has emphasized the power of women in the luxury sector. There are also those,, who have decided to consider podcasts as a platform, like Gucci and their Equilibrium, entirely dedicated to the theme of sustainability.

Through words, everyone can choose to convey the message that they feel is most in line with their vision. Today I want to tag along with Alessandro Michele and recommend a few podcasts on sustainable fashion, an issue that is close to everyone's heart (ed. maybe ours more!).

"Made to Last", by Susie Lau

My absolute favorite, dedicated to fashion and sustainability, is Made to Last by Mulberry, a brand founded in 1971 and already long established in the world of sustainability. Roger Soul, the head of the fashion house, was among the first to ban fur and exotic skins from its production circuits, spreading the Made to Last verb. This was the manifesto by which the house pursued its path to sustainability, creating an in-house repair service and a resale platform for the brand's bags. Directed by Susie Lau and available here..

"The Wardrobe Crisis", by Clara Press

Another very famous one is "The Wardrobe Crisis", a 360-degree project related to sustainable fashion and founded by Vogue Australia's first Sustainability Editor, Clara Press, who I think has a very interesting personality. It is a comprehensive product highlighting the impact of fashion on the planet and highlighting emerging fashion personalities committed to safeguarding a circular economy and ethicality in the course of production. Hit the link to start listening.

"Ravenous Fashion Podcast", by Beatrice Mazza

Let's now move on to a podcast that is certainly less well known than the first two, but that is slowly making its way into the Italian scene (from which I write). We are talking about "Ravenous Fashion Podcast", a podcast on fashion, marketing and sustainability. It is the result of a young Italian girl’s creativity, who in one of her episodes wanted to host us at Revibe, to delve into the topic of upcycling. You can listen here episode the full eposode.

"Couture Apparente", by Claire Roussel

And if we mentioned an Italian podcast, we cannot but mention a French one as well for our readers: the French podcast called "Couture Apparente", produced by Claire Roussel, whose goal is precisely to give voice to as yet little-known issues inherent in the fashion world. Amongst these issues, there is ethicality in production, responsible approach to materials, and other similar content, delivered through interviews with journalists and prominent personalities. Couture Apparent Podcast, tells the story of inclusive, future-oriented fashion. Discover it here.

Four different podcasts, one same goal: talk about sustainability and raise awareness on the topic through the use of words and voices. I find this to be the most immediate solution, in a reality where image always comes first and plays the leading role. Passively listening to words allows one to store information in a totally different way. All you have to do is press play and lose yourself in the sounds of podcasts.

What sustainable fashion podcasts are you listening to right now? Leave a comment below!

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