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Changing Perspectives: Upcycling in Eastern Asia


May 17, 2023

When we talk about upcycling and sustainable fashion in general, we really are talking about our most known geographic area, also known as the Global North: the most detailed sources of information often refer to Western Europe, North America, and sometimes Central Europe. In the sustainable fashion narrative, one other geographic zone comes up frequently, although not for the same reasons: Asia.


H&Mbeyond. Teams Up With Revibe For A 100% Upcycled Capsule Collection


April 5, 2023

REVIBE is proud to announce its latest collaboration with H&Mbeyond., H&M’s Innovation Hub, to launch an exclusive upcycling collection. This innovative partnership brings together two key players in the fashion industry to tackle the potential of sustainable re-design and upcycling.


Feminism and sustainable development: why one doesn't work without the other


March 8, 2023

In the context of an increased climate urgency, the issue of a truly feminist fashion is absolutely central. To better understand the link between feminism, fashion and sustainable development, we must unfortunately remember that the exploitation of women is not new.

Vivienne Westwood Upcycling Designer

The multiple realities of upcycling in Couture


January 17, 2023

Today, the expressions of upcycling are multiple. In a world where fashion has never gone so fast, a contextualization is essential to better understand the new dynamics of creation.

Impulsive Buying by Mohammed Hassan

Enslaved to Fashion: impulse buying


October 10, 2022

Getting dressed is a daily thing that everybody does. However, it sometimes poses a series of problems. One major act favors the incessant return of those problems: impulse buying. Let's analyze it.


How much the sustainability of a garment worth?


July 26, 2022

The final price of a garment comes from the aggregation of several inputs, such as raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, human labor, delivery etc. A pathway that costs more on average for a sustainable product than a non-sustainable one. But are we ready to pay more?


The evolution and history of Upcycling: from the 40s to nowadays


April 4, 2022

In the 40's upcycling was used for economic needs, in the 80's and 90's it became a way to express one's identity, nowadays it is a real trend. We analyze its evolution!

@La Fameuse.jpg

When two become one: how reconstructed clothing is reinventing fashion


February 26, 2022

Taking unwanted garments and turning them into new pieces is a feat of design and a gateway into rethinking branding, trends and individuality. Zoom on La Fameuse and Fitolojio’s approach to reconstructed fashion.

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