Created, developed and produced by Charlotte Abalé, in her workshop in Lyon, France, Cadavresky hijacks the world of streetwear, in the form of unique handmade pieces. The brand finds its origin in a mix of urban cultures, which it revisits through cuts often oversized and ultra comfortable. Cadavresky revalorizes already manufactured textile elements, often forgotten in recycling, and constantly seeks to reach zero waste, playing with the "preformal" constraint of these materials. The brand develops, against the current of a monochrome minimalism, new timeless baroqu'hip hop and playful. It is not for nothing that its name is a direct tribute to the game "exquisite corpse", invented by the surrealists, from which it draws many principles of creations. Each piece is thought as an original pictorial assembly, between materials, colors and prints. Last but not least, Cadavresky is an amusing life experience, a proposal of free expression through one of our arts of living.