BENNU was founded in February 2021 with a clear intention: to recover from the past to protect the future. The collections are born from the research done inside warehouses and stocks of unsold garments and textile leftovers. The process of recovering materials belonging to contexts far from today carries with it the designer's identity of recreating a world where past and present coexist together in each garment, fusing in each seam an unbreakable bond with the elements of nature, the land to which we all belong and the imagery of a past that continues to live within us. The limited availability of fabrics and garments used for the whole production flow leads each collection to be composed of a limited number of pieces.   BENNU entrusts its productions to independent workshops and/or Italian social tailors, thus collaborating with local suppliers who guarantee fair wages for employees throughout the supply chain and maintaining maximum product quality. What BENNU wants to express can be encapsulated in a passage from French philosopher Foucault, where gender is referred to as a fluid variable that changes and modifies in different contexts and eras. BENNU wants to be a protagonist in a contemporary non-binary universe, a conscious universe, where anyone who chooses to wear the brand's garments feels part of the process of change that is characterizing our society. BENNU comes to life when from a window, or from the table of a bar, we observe everything around us and we contaminate it with our memories. Sharp images overlapped by blurred memories, colours that fade and silhouettes that have not been affected by the passage of time.   From the unceasing desire to forge the past into our tomorrow comes an essential design, where everything superfluous is removed: as in our memories, only what has impressed us the most remains, an indelible mark fixed on the garments by sharp, decisive, visible stitching and the brand label that recalls the pieces of scotch tape we stick on boxes, reminding us of what we keep inside them.   Each garment carries with it a baggage, the same baggage that each of us has prepared for so many journeys, and that reconnects us with glances, scents and moments that we jealously keep inside us.